Friday, October 9, 2009

History of an Apple developer

Apple has always been on my side.
I love green apple, apple cake, apple juice, but I never eat an Apple that someboby already has tasted (think about Apple logo.....)
If you understand previous phrase, you should immediately call 999 (USA), or 118 (Italy)!
I would like to tell when my passion for Apple Computer has born.
My father had a company that made clothes. It was a good company with a lot of employees: in the mid of '80,
when computer had been starting to be introduced within industry, he bought one.
I was 10 years old, but with a great curiosity on technologies (I had a Commodore 64, with a great tape reader..!).
We walked together inside his office, and over there I saw a typewriter as showed on above photo (well, I thought it was!):
"This is a personal computer, a very expensive typewriter!" my father told me. He wasn't a technician, but he had seen the future...
I have loved this strange kind of typewriter since then. In the following, I learned how to turn on/off, inserte a 5" 1/4 disk (I believed that disk was a "dish", but I didn't taste anymore!!), use the keyboard and.... how to damage it.
Last thing I have learned very well, and I have applied every day with great results.
I remember this distant day each time I turn on a present Mac, but this is another story that I will speak about another day

Warm Regards

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