Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hi guys,
a little App is appeared on AppStore. It's call iNetApp and is a simple RSS client of web site. You can see it here.
Thanks to Matteo di Maggio for his supporting.
Have fun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Festeggiamo on IPhone

Hi everybody,
Our first IPhone App Festeggiamo, is now available on AppStore here .
It has been a lot of hard work to realize it: we hope that a lot of people
enyoy it.
Now, we are working on new Apps, either on IPhone and IPad, and on
web sites developing.
Thanks to goWare for joining us on Festeggiamo developing.
Feel free to contact us for any kind of comments.

Kind Regards.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi guys,
We are on the way for our first IPhone App release. In this first version, we only will deliver only few
of features we are in mind. Nothing new: a simple translator that connect automatically to
and return site response in original form or a filtered form as option. Well, we hope that a lot of people will download it: sure, two people will do (me and my associate!!).
Apple today will allow to preorder IPad: we will not again downloaded new beta version of SDK (3.2) that
should allow to realize IPad App, but we will make it as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will study our
new App: things will not be the same after its release...!!

Warn Regards

Monday, February 15, 2010

Moving as Apple Developer

Hi guys,
well, I'm stepped out from my company at the end on last year,
and since two months I'm working on
Apple IPhone/IPod Touch apps.
Cool.... Xcode IDE, Apple Developer Connection, Objective C
and a wealth of resources and documents to read...
My brain is out of control... I needs a IPhone App to remember all
stuff I red on Apple Site.
Somebody knows one?
First approach to Objective C is stunning: clean, simple upgrade of
C, huge objects built-in library, as all object oriented programming
languages. But some problems with Basic Foundation objects....
NSNumber, NSString, NSArray.....
Well, especially the first one that start with NSN....

Warm Regards

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A way to become more "Apple" than ever.....

Today I'm working on a bug very hard to resolve. It's about an X.25 custom implementation
of flow control mechanism, and it seems that slide window is sliding.... forever -:).
Nobody could help me? I have no ideas, in each direction I put my eyes on flow control
side (client or server)!
Now, I'm thinking about my evolution as Apple user and fan.
After Apple started to sell Apple Macintosh, I decided that I wanted one.
I kept my eyes on an Apple Macintosh Classic, a superb 9" monitor all-in-one personal computer,
with a 20MB SCSI Hard Disk and with a 68000 CPU.
Well, what a great typewriter!! OS was fantastic MacOS 9, with a advanced GUI (It was as working
on a virtual desktop, with trash, hard disk icon....), but with a strange problem.
Floppy disk didn't have maual eject, only automatic eject was provided: when you inserted our
3" 1/2 floppy disk, magically a same icon appeared on the desktop. When you finished working
on your stuff, simple drag floppy disk icon on trash, and disk was ejected.
How many paper clips I have used since then in order to manually eject floppy disk!
Do you know if Apple had some paper clips manufacturing firm shares ?!
Things could be more clear in today market.

Warm regards

Friday, October 9, 2009

History of an Apple developer

Apple has always been on my side.
I love green apple, apple cake, apple juice, but I never eat an Apple that someboby already has tasted (think about Apple logo.....)
If you understand previous phrase, you should immediately call 999 (USA), or 118 (Italy)!
I would like to tell when my passion for Apple Computer has born.
My father had a company that made clothes. It was a good company with a lot of employees: in the mid of '80,
when computer had been starting to be introduced within industry, he bought one.
I was 10 years old, but with a great curiosity on technologies (I had a Commodore 64, with a great tape reader..!).
We walked together inside his office, and over there I saw a typewriter as showed on above photo (well, I thought it was!):
"This is a personal computer, a very expensive typewriter!" my father told me. He wasn't a technician, but he had seen the future...
I have loved this strange kind of typewriter since then. In the following, I learned how to turn on/off, inserte a 5" 1/4 disk (I believed that disk was a "dish", but I didn't taste anymore!!), use the keyboard and.... how to damage it.
Last thing I have learned very well, and I have applied every day with great results.
I remember this distant day each time I turn on a present Mac, but this is another story that I will speak about another day

Warm Regards

first posting....

Hi everybody,
this is my first posting on robyava blog. I would like to speak about me, and first at all my great passion for Apple Computer,
since first Apple II.
stay tuned with robyava, and do not be afraid to think different. Different is better than normal!